video interfaces

DVI Port: If your computer has a DVI port, you can connect it into your TV directly with a DVI to HDMI cable like this one. Some HDTV’s have a special port labeled either DVI/HDMI or PC/HDMI that help the TV identify the resolution better. Connect the cable into the recommended one on the back of the TV. If it doesn’t give you a choice, any open HDMI slot should work. However, DVI ports do not send audio like HDMI so you have to connect your PC to the TV with RCA cables as well.

VGA Port: The VGA port allows you to connect through a VGA cable, but it’s not a digital signal so the quality won’t be as good as the DVI or HDMI inputs. It will still work, it just won’t have the same clarity. Like DVI, VGA is only for video so you also have to run your audio out to the TV

HDMI Port: If your PC has a new high-end graphics card then chances are you have an HDMI port on the back. This is the easiest to use because all you need to do is connect a standard HDMI cable to run the computer to the TV. The one HDMI cable runs both your audio and video to the TV.